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Welcome to the practice of Dr. Meinhold!


In addition to the diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum of general medicine, the focus is on classical homeopathy. Other naturopathic or unconventional methods are used, including neural therapy and whole food nutrition. Another focus is on tick-borne diseases, e.g. Lyme disease.

In case of unclear symptoms, we will review your previous diagnostic records. Together we will create a plan, which further diagnostics could provide more clarity.

The waiting room is pleasantly empty because the practice is organized as a private practice. Nevertheless both patients with private and statutory health insurance are welcome. Patients with statutory health insurance will be billed privately for the service. For details on reimbursement, see the patient information and frequently asked questions.

On June 1st, 2006 we moved from Kilianstrasse 11 to Karl-Grillenberger-Strasse 1. For wheelchair users, patients with walkers or parents with prams, there is barrier-free access to the elevator on the 1st floor at the backside of the building (address: Mühlgasse 20, 90402 Nuremberg). The practice is on the 3rd floor on the right.