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Can everybody come as a patient to Dr. Meinhold?

Whether you have a private or a statutory health insurance or even neither nor, all patients are equally welcome. Private patients have the advantage of being reimbursed for a large part or even all, while those with statutory or without health insurance pay the bill themselves if they have not taken out additional insurance.


Is Dr. Meinhold a non-medical practitioner?

No, Dr. Meinhold is not a non medical practitioner, but a "normal" licensed doctor and has been established in his own practice as a specialist in general medicine, naturopathic treatments and homeopathy since 1990.


Has Dr. Meinhold a statuatory health insurance approval?

Since our practice focuses on classical homeopathy and naturopathic treatments, and since homeopathy in particular cannot operat under time pressure,we have not applied for admission to statutory health insurance. This offers the opportunity to devote oneself entirely to the patient instead of directing one's attention to how the requirements from the statuatory health insurance companies can be met.


Do I have to stop taking my medication?

First of all, it must be clarified which medicines are involved and to what extent these medicines are indispensable. Of course, it may be necessary to maintain medications such as insulin, high blood pressure medication, birth control pills, etc. In this context, it is of course checked whether there is an alternative to the existing medication that has fewer adverse effects. At the beginning of homeopathic treatment, the motto "Never touch a running system" is often followed in order to be able to estimate what changes homeopathic medicines will trigger in "routine use". Of course, the goal remains to reduce conventional medication to a minimum. Further on we have to find out to what extent the conventional medicine affects the homeopathic remedy.


Does Dr. Meinhold treat children too?