How much does homeopathic or private medical treatment cost?

With classical homeopathy, you are choosing a medicine that responds individually to your case. The time required is considerable and can hardly be realized by a legal health insurance. Therefore, private billing is based on the statutory scale of fees for physicians (GOÄ). The practical hourly rate is €90 per 30 minutes. According to this rate, treatment and interview appointments, file study or digital communication are calculated. There are also surcharges from the GOÄ for home visits and services outside of practice hours. The time required is crucial. Short consultations naturally cost less and are more likely to be reimbursed for privately insured persons than long ones. Even with optimal insurance protection, it can happen that you have to bear part of the treatment costs yourself. However, the patient's obligation to pay does not result from the reimbursement of costs by an insurance company, but solely from the service provided by the doctor. If you have any questions about reimbursement, please contact your insurance company directly.


Will the bill from Dr. Meinhold be reimbursed by the insurance company?

In the case of private patients, part or even all of the costs are reimbursed. Longer consultations lead to an increased rate of increase, which can lead to co-payments by the patient. Those with statutory health insurance who have not taken out additional insurance are not entitled for reimbursement of your invoice..
Following fee digits should be partially or fully reimbursed by your supplementary insurance::
- 30 (homeopathic anamnesis)
- 31 (homeopathic follow-up anamnesis)
- 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (counselling, physical examination)


Reimbursement of services

Since our practice focuses on classical homeopathy and naturopathic treatments, and since homeopathy in particular cannot operat under time pressure,we have not applied for admission to statutory health insurance. This offers the opportunity to devote oneself entirely to the patient instead of directing one's attention to how the requirements from the statuatory health insurance companies can be met.

But whether you have private or statutory health insurance, all patients are equally welcome. Private patients have the advantage of being reimbursed for a large part or even all, while those with statutory health insurance pay the bill themselves if they have not taken out additional insurance.